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From: Joerg Rehorst (
Date: Sun Jun 28 08:38:23 1998

Abdate Juni 1998

Benno, es fehlen noch Bilder,Bilder,Bilder!!!!!
Halt dich ran!

From: Guenter Rehorst (
Date: Thu Jul 23 11:35:49 1998


hallihallo ihr rehorsts
obwohl wir nicht verwandt sind, war es doch höchst interessant etwas über "andere rehorsts" zu erfahren; viel spass beim ausbau euerer site.

From: Jason Rehorst (
Date: Wed Aug 26 00:53:40 1998

Took a look at your home page, found the pictures extremely interesting! Thank you for the english translations - from your relatives in Milwaukee, USA.

From: Ben Rehorst (BRHT@DAXIS.NL)
Date: Sat Jan 2 16:16:24 1999

ein hallo

Hallo to all Rehorst,
I am Ben Rehorst from then Netherlands
If you can help me find ather Rehorst send me a mail

From: rehorst (
Date: Sun Jan 3 12:14:06 1999


i'm ron rehorst from the neterlands
keep me in contact if there is news about the rehorst famly

From: Christian Rehorst (
Date: Wed Apr 7 11:34:44 1999

Hallo Bernd,

großes Lob für die Seite. Ich versuche Mal ein paar weitere Informationen herauszubekommen.

Gruß Christian Rehorst

From: aj rehorst (
Date: Mon Jun 14 02:56:25 1999

ook ik wil graag op de hoogte blijven van het bestaan van elke Rehorst.

From: Anna Rehorst
Date: Sat Aug 7 13:57:26 1999


I have some information for you. I will write you a letter.

From: Carol Lee Rehorst Hughes (
Date: Wed Sep 29 15:10:28 1999

Ernest W. Rehorst

Hello Bernd. I am Carol Rehorst Hughes Ernest's daughter. He forwarded your letter to me. I will e-mail you our family info.such as I have pieced together. I do not believe it matches, but if you find otherwise, it would be a very nice surprise.

From: Huibrecht Kruik-Rehorst (
Date: Fri Oct 22 16:39:43 1999


I'm Dutch but living in Spain. Working on the family tree of Rehorst I discovered this site. Looks good. Appreciate contacts for exchanging information about the Rehorst family.